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Summer Yoga - Relax & Restore

This course starts on Wednesday 24th July 6.30-7.30pm and then the following 3 Wednesdays at the same time. In the 5th and 6th week you can do a class per week from our timetable.

All of our classes are ‘beginner friendly’ however if, like me, you sometimes find the idea of jumping straight in to things a bit intimidating then please do sign up for this course, which is ideal for beginners. We will spend our first 4 weeks together exploring our ability to relax, rest and restore. In the final 2 weeks you can do a class per week from our timetable.

If you have attended any classes or courses with me then you’ll know how this goes; slowly, gently, with compassion and kindness. Just an hour in the week when nobody wants anything from you; you can just simply relax, rest and restore.

Please note that this course is not in the hot room. Places are limited so please do book on early.

If you’re likely to miss a session or 2 due to holidays etc then don’t worry. Just let me know in advance and we can ensure you are able to access 6 classes.

This is a friendly, welcoming studio. You do not need fancy clothes and you do not need to be fit or flexible! Yoga is about connecting with ourselves and restoring ourselves. If you are feeling a little unsure about jumping in and starting in a class then this course will build your confidence, inform you about safe and appropriate movement for you and fundamentally allow you the space to discover how to relax.

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