Off Peak Membership

Weekday yoga and Pilates in Liverpool.

Our introductory offer is £30 for 30 days. Membership is then £45 per month (no contracts). You can pay via standing order or at the desk each month. You can also buy class cards: £79 for 10 classes (valid for 6 months) or £149 for 20 classes (valid for 1 year).

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Off Peak Classes

All of our classes are beginner friendly and our daytime hot classes tend to be very warm rather than searing heat! Age range of our members is 18-70. Come along and try your 1st class for £5.

Further info

Our daytime yoga classes are all very gentle and kind. Our Pilates classes accommodate people of all fitness levels (from beginner to super fit), injuries and health issues. Please don’t think you have to be an athlete to practice yoga and/or Pilates - it’s really not the point of either!

You don’t need to bring anything with you. We provide mats (although you’re welcome to bring your own if you prefer). Just wear tshirt/vest & leggings/shorts. Bring water or you can get bottled water here for £1. We ask you to complete a brief health form when you arrive for your 1st class so please arrive at least ten minutes before the class starts.

Contact us or book a class here.