Research suggests that the regular practice of Pilates can significantly decrease lower back pain and improve the mobility and movement of people who suffer from chronic lower back pain. It is also a great low impact workout and excellent for toning. If you have back, shoulder, hip or knee issues then Pilates is a brilliant and safe way to work out. Pilates is also excellent for post natal women.


You do not need to be fit or flexible to do Pilates. In our Pilates classes options are given for everyone (beginner, intermediate and advanced) so you are working out at your own level, taking into account your fitness levels and if you have any injuries or health issues. Your teacher is Jennie and she is fully qualified and experienced. Jennie is also available for private tuition.


Class times & Info

Mon 10am - Hot Pilates

Mon 6.30pm - Hot Pilates

Wed 10am Hot Pilates

Fri 10am Hot Pilates

Just wear leggings/shorts and a vest/tshirt, no fancy clothes needed.

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Please arrive 10 mins early for your 1st class to complete a brief health form.